Origins Of Humanity




Author | Victor S. Popaliciu

Starting 6 million years ago, there were different species of Ancient Humans all over the Planet on all Continents.  We can go back 6 Million years and we have ‘Sahelathropus Tchadensis’ the oldest different primate close to a humanoid found. 2 Million years back we have “Rudolfensis”  the oldest representative of humanoids.  This kind of humanoid, and after that other similar humanoids such as “Erectus” and the famous “Neaderthalis” were living by the Millions all over the planet.  For example “Neanderthalis” used to live from present-day France and Germany to Iran and Iraq.  This was a culture with tribes and death rituals. This Neanderthal man was a carnivore, even practiced cannibalism, was aggressive, not tall – the tallest being around 1.65 meters, (while the Sapiens were around 1.90 meters).  For Millions of years they discovered nothing,  lived in cannibalism and warfare, had no morals, logic or spirituality.  They were the masters of our planet.   50,000 before Christ they were all gone, none remained, they all disappeared like the dinosaurs.

In past history, all scientists all over the world decided that these were our ancestors, and that we “Sapiens”, the wise man, are a product of Evolution. In 2003 when I was at the History University, I was not in agreement with the theory accepted by all history books. Why? because of the “Neolithic Revolution” a term used for a period 20,000-5,000 B.C. when the humans discovered mathemathics, astrology, philosophy, art, agriculture, metallurgy.

My arguments were sociological.  For millions of years the human did nothing but eat meat and fight, invented only the spear, and suddenly in  20,000 years B.C., there were all these amazing discoveries of mathmathics, astrology, philosophy, art, agriculture, metallurgy.   How was this possible? A Neanderthal Man Cannibal just looked at rocks and said  “Hey, I can extract metals, different ones, construct a forge and make tools?”   Not likely.  There are tribes that even today live like the Neanderthals used to live.

So what happened back then?   The answer was not at the university so I left to find this answer ~ and I found it a few years later.

For a few years I dug in the caves of the Hercinic Mountains here in Romania.  These mountains are very old and, at one time, they were even taller than the Himalayas.  In Dobrogea, near the Black Sea, these mountains have many caves that are not explored by scientists, and they are unknown by the general public.  However, in the ancient times people used to hide, stay or even live in these caves.  So many clues can be found.  I, with a small team of archeologists, or sometimes alone,  dug in these caves and found many clues of ancient civilizations.  At that time, I was making a television show called ‘Memories in Stone’; and in this show my guests ~ remarkable scientists from Romania and professors of many universities, comfirmed and debated with me this subject and more.  For example, many objects fom my region are almost the same in design as the ones found in Kenya.  For me this was one of the many proofs of the presence of  ” Sapiens” and the fact that they came from Africa.

The scientists all over the world, for many years, searched for a ‘missing link’ to connect Humanity with the Primitive Humanoids ~ the ones close to apes, but never found it.  Logical, because we do not have these primitive humanoids as our ancestors ~ or more accurately, not only these particular ones.

My answer was confirmed by genetics. Studying our DNA, the scientists discovered with no doubt that we are the Sapiens – our race today. We were born in Africa 50,000 years before Christ. We, the people from the entire planet, we all come from Africa; also all the ancient Humanoids, Neanderthals and all others were all wiped out and killed.

Before the genetics was confirmed, I studied history with logic. Looking at the great civilizations ~ Sumer, Egypt, Greece, etc., I calculated that 50,000 years back in Africa, in Sudan, this mysterious  group of people appeared.  They were, by my theory, using the parallels we have today on the map.  If one looks, one can find Cairo at the intersections of these parallels.  To the North are Greece and Troy, to the East is Sumer, to the West was the Atlantid down the Plain of Sudan.  This is my theory.

Genetics confirmed that a group of people appeared 50,000 years before Christ in Africa –  tall, vegetarian, and looked just like us today.  In the meantime,  ALL Neanderthals disappeared.

This “Sapiens” group that appeared in Africa and settled in today’s Cairo, built the pyramids, and they were the holders of the Great Mysteries of the Universe. Beautiful and strange constructions appeared all over the place.  “Sapiens” used musical instruments, mathematics, astronomy, metallurgy, and agriculture.  They were vegetarians, so they cultivated rice, grains for flour, corn, pumpkins, vegetables and fruits.

The carnivor/cannibal “Neanderthal”  was found in caves, lots of them, dead by thousands in the caves, as though they were running in fear.

The scientists say today that all “Neanderthals” are extinct.  But I mention also with logic that we are not a “Sapiens”,  but a “Sapiens-Neanderthalis”!  We are a combination of the 2!  We have the spirituality but also the animal instincts; and our purpose is the balance between the 2, the yin-yang. In time history will confirm my theory.

We must defeat the “Neanderthal”  in us.  The war has never ended, the war is still going on inside each of us.  If we defeat ourselves, our vices, our hate, our aggressions, we will activate the homo sapiens gene inside us.

The “Sapiens” had great mental powers because they could stay in contact with the Universe.  They were protected by the Great Energy that created all Universes, known to us as God.

All Humans, even those that act like the “Neanderthals”, (Remember we all have this gene in us), can be put on the path of Evolution and become Wise.

The “Sapiens” were not Gods, only superior beings.  They could  levitate stones with the mind, and if someone made a violent act toward them, that person died instantly.

They constructed everything with their mental-powers, they were never ill, and lived for thousands of years; but they were also being tested; and this test was to help the “Neanderthals” to evolve, so they combined with them and evolved in us ~ they hide in us; and left us clues to activate this gene.

If you activate this gene, you will have immense power because the Energies of the Universe will be around you.  All the great Leaders  somehow triggered this gene.




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