Destiny VS Anti-Destiny ~ Timeless Quantum Moment



Author | Victor S. Popaliciu

In all ancient religions, legends and myths from all over the planet we find a description of a primordial battle between good and evil. The battle since the beginning is present in each moment of our life. In African Mythology the Universe appeared from the Word of the God Amma, who initially generated a small element, like the smallest grain. This element, infinitely small, grew fast until the primordial egg was formed. From this egg two twins appeared and A Battle Of Creation.

Science has discovered that at the beginning of our universe, around 14 billion years ago, there was a ‘battle’ between matter and anti-matter; and a huge primordial explosion was the result. After this explosion matter started to form our universe in which the matter is only 5% (Please Click HERE for Quantum Spirituality). For each atom that exists, science is telling us that there is also an ‘evil twin’ anti-atom present in this anti-matter which now we can create in the particles accelerator in Geneva.

Ancient Wisdom and Science both speak about the duality of our reality, a duality wich shapes our destinies each moment. Mysteries of the Ancient Civilizations are many, but what is clear, is that they were in possession of a great knowledge about the universe ~  a knowledge in which science and spirituality complete each other.  Clues of this knowledge can be found buried under the Sahara Desert.  In the western part of Africa, covered by sand, was discovered a great city of stone ~ a city which alternative researchers believe was built by the Atlantis Civilization over 10,000 years BC. Since times immemorial in that region of Africa lived the great African Bambara Civilization. This stone city under the desert was only partially uncovered and nobody knows its real size and complexity, and it is possibly connected with the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.  According to the alternative knowledge, the Atlanteans were the builders of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.  (CLICK HERE for information on the Great Sphinx). Archeologists have dicovered that over 5,000 years ago the Bambara Civilization used to live in great stone cities which are today covered by the sand of the Sahara Desert. Scientists have dicovered part of this mysterious great urban complex near the presently partially abandoned Tichitt Village situated in South Bambara.


The Bambara ancient beliefs have one of the most complex myths of creation and hide many mysteries and secrets. According to the Bambara beliefs, thousands of years old, in the beginning was the primordial void and from this void knowledge emerged. The primordial void, and the knowledge, both are the force that form the creative force of the Universe. From this force a mystical process is beginning a process of energy released and retracted, and from this energy movement, destiny is shaped. The primordial void generates two spirals of energy like two tornadoes which are rotating in opposite directions from each other.

The ancient civilization of the Bambara Tribes speaks about two channels of energy opposite of one another, like the atom and the anti-atom. On these energy channels, energy flows from the universe. If we follow this wisdom, at the quantum level inside of an atom there must be a duality of particles. Amazingly, scientists studying Quantum Physics are deeply puzzled, because at the quantum level everything seems chaotic – particles appear and disappear with no apparant reason, electrons jump off different orbits around the center of the atom, and photons (the particles which compose light) appear in many places at the same time. Watching this incredible spectacle of particles, science does not yet understand the play, because following the ancient wisdom we assist at two plays in the same time, with 2 sets of particles on the stage – actors and anti-actors. Each group attracts their kind of particles-crowd. It is like assisting at a classical music concerto and a rock concert in the same hall at the same time.


All ancient religions, myths and legends from all civilizations speak about forces that shape our reality and destiny.  All these particle concerts – according to ancient asian beliefs, are in connection with the universe; and this micro-cosmos inside of us is receiving 2 types of energy ~ the good chi and the destructive shar chi.  According to the Book of Huang-Ti, written thousands of years ago, these energy fluxes are composed from 5 primordial elements/forces which generate a permanent flux of growth or destruction and influence all the tiny particles from our inner universe. These primordial 5 elements/forces are Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth.  The Mystical Ancient Knowledge about these 5 elements will be the subject of a future article.

Looking at these 5 elements/forces,  the  question appears:  How many fundamental forces are discovered by science?  The answer in all science books is there are 4 such forces. Apparently one fundamental force/element is missing from all science books but, in fact, it is all around us and this is not only a spiritual belief but also a scientific fact.

The 4 known fundamental forces dicovered by science are:

  1. Gravity: A force not yet completely understood by science.
  2. Electromagnetism: A force that causes the interaction between electrically charged particles, and puzzles scientists with the mysterious movements of the electrons.
  3. Strong Nuclear Force:  A force that exists inside all atoms is like lightning in a small bubble of soap strong enough to hold it. Nuclear energy is also present all around the universe as Nuclear Fusion Energy which happens naturally, for example, in our sun every second and that is why we have the light from the sun. On earth scientists are trying to create a nuclear fusion reactor which will give clean energy for all the planet.
  4. Weak Nuclear Force:  This force is not weak at all;  this force plays a key role in all supernovas ~ the stars’ explosions that are responsible for the creation of atoms across the universe. This weak nuclear force mediates at the quantum level inside an atom, the transformation of a neutron into a proton ~ and in this process a mysterious, unchargeable particle appears:  the Neutrino.

In recent years astonomers and astro physicists have discovered the lost 5th element.

This important discovery was the result of the incredible work of the Genius Astronomer, Edwin Hubble.  In 1936 he created a graphic representation of all known types of galaxies known as the Hubble sequence.  In this sequence all known types of galaxies are represented ~ spiral galaxies like our own Milky Way.  Our galaxy has as many stars and planets as there are grains of sand on the surface of planet Earth.  There are Three types of Galaxies:  (1) Eliptic galaxies. (2) Spiral galaxies. and (3) Strange galaxies with no special form.


Following Edwin Hubble’s steps today, scientists have discovered up to the present time, that galaxies are forming groups  of 50 to 1000 galaxies.

Our beautiful Milky Way Galaxy is part of a group of 40 galaxies known to science as ‘The Local Group’.  These groups of billions to the power of billions of stars and planets are kept together by gravity and all the 4 known fundamental forces. This was the common knowlege in scientific community until they calculated the speed of the galaxies in our ‘Local Group’.   Scientists have remained speechless, because according to the calculations and simulations on the computer all these galaxies and our Milky Way do not stay together!  This means that another unknown element was in completion to the 4 fundamental  forces and, all 5 fundamental elements are keeping all these galaxies in place. In that moment the 5th fundamental element became known as The Dark Matter.

The name of this element is not expressing a bad force because the Dark Matter is the element that is keeping our universe together.  Dark matter is estimated to constitute 84% of the matter of the universe and is composed from a not yet understood sub-atomic particle. Dark Matter is a part of the good 5 elements and must not be confused with Dark Energy, Anti Matter, Dark Fluid, Dark Flow elements of destruction that have been discovered by science and that are the ‘destructive’ elements.  (Please click HERE  to read about Acceleration of the Universe.)

Following the Ancient Wisdom and the scientific discovery, we have 5 Spiritual elements; (1) Water,  (2) Wood,  (3) Fire, (4) Metal, and (5) Earth; and 5 Fundamental elements (1) Gravity,  (2) Elecromagnetism (3) Strong Nuclear Force, (4) Weak Nuclear Force, and (5) Dark Matter.   All the elements discovered by science are sending billions of particles to earth~ known ones like the photons and neutrinos, and unknown ones like the particles which are believed to compose gravity or the dark matter.  What is a scentific fact and a certainty of our reality,  our bodies are “bombarded” each moment with billions of tiny particles which pass through us and are all around us ~ particles which are all over the universe and that are our connection with the universe.


We receive particles from the ‘good 5 elements’,  and also from the ‘bad known 4 elements’.   These two types of elements are similar with the 2 opposing spirals of energy from the beliefs of the great Bambara Civilization.

Ancient Wisdom, all religions’ beliefs, and secret knowledge passed from generation to generation are teaching us how to keep the good energy flow. We all have the option of a good path or a bad path of destiny.  The expressions ‘it was his destiny’ and ‘fatalism’ are illogical and not true because we have 2 open destinies ~ a Destiny and an Anti-Destiny. Each moment decides what line we are on and we jump from the good line of destiny to the anti-destiny line all the time.  These lines are like two parallels, and we are a gymnast who is on one and jumps to the other with the speed of light, and so on in the great exercise of life.  These 2 types of particles, the 2 lines of destinies and spiritual energy ~ bad and good, generate the chaos that the scientists sees inside the quantum world. There is a battle and this is happening with the speed of light in each moment. The notion of a moment is not a time quantification. We have seconds, hours, days and so on; but this spiritual quantum moment in which our destinies’ lines are formed is timeless. Time is relative ~ this is a scentific fact; but the timeless quantum moments are the instant in which, with the speed of light, our position on a destiny line or an anti-destiny line is determined.

This duality of our destiny generates the bad lives and unfulfilled potential of many people.  Vices, bad actions, thoughts and words ~ all this is pushing in a timeless quantum moment a person to his anti-destiny line which leads to unhappines and destruction. We all can change our destinies in one second with one good thought, word or action.  In that moment the anti-destiny line is abandoned and the destiny line is followed. We are a combination of atoms with a conscience, a will, and with the great power to decide our fate.  This power is in each and every one of us and easy to access but ‘a journey of a thousands miles starts with a single step’ -Lao Tsu . We just have to make the first step and start to search the wisdom within.  (Please click HERE to read about utilizing the Echo of Our Inner Codes to use your inner power to Determine Your Destiny.)



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