Quantum Spirituality and Harvesting Spiritual Energy




Author | Victor S. Popaliciu

In this Dark Age of Wisdom it is a general concept that we all live in a material world and most of the people cannot see beyond this materialism and live by the concept of believing that materialism is what they can see and touch.

This is a limited and incorrect concept because science has also proven that all the mass in the universe is only 5% ~ all the stars, planets, solar systems, comets, meteors, our planet ~ all we can ‘see and touch’ are in this 5%.  The rest of the Universe, the 95%, is something else.   In fact, we live in an immaterial world, a mysterious wonderful world in which miracles happen every second.   All the humans, all the plants and animals, our planet ~  all are composed from atoms; and the atom has 99.94% of the mass in its nucleus, and the rest is like empty space.

This is a scientific fact and this means that if we calculate only the mass from everything, for example:  The Statue of Liberty, The Eiffel Tower, The Pyramids ~ will be a few centimeters tall, we will be like the ants, and our planet with all on it will be a very small sphere.

Even if the mass is in such small quantities, we appear large and all around us are the sizes and the volumes we can see and touch. To find the answer of how this is possible we have to forget all the nonsense we learned in school and travel beyond these imposed, and many times, illogical concepts.  Our Reality, Life and Destiny are shaped and forged each moment by many mystical forces ~ forces known by Ancient Wisdom; and today discovered and confirmed by Science.

These forces are the tools that put together atoms like the bricks used to build a home.  If you look at a rock, your hand, your chair, your computer,  in fact you look at billions of tiny atoms assembled with these forces and all together form all we can see.  This was a well known fact in ancient times; and the word atom comes from the Ancient Greek.  These ancient wise people knew not only the atom, but also the electrons. The word electron comes fron the greek word-elektron, which means amber, this is because amber can easily create static electricity.

If we travel inside the atom, as I wrote in a previous article, we can imagine that we find ourselves in a huge football stadium.  In the middle of the football field is the nucleus of the atom ~ a small sphere composed of protons and neutrons;  around this field athletes run fast and make all sorts of jumps and twists – these are the electrons.  These electrons/athletes are very small – they are 10,000 times smaller than the atom/stadium in which they rotate/run.

The electrons are the ones who generate electricity. When we turn on a light the flux of the electrons generates light waves.   We can see T.V. images, speak on the phone, work on a computer, ~  because inside the electrons make this possible by jumping, running and carrying information with the speed of light.

The electrons puzzle scientists because they are particles and waves at the same time.  Their position on the orbit around the nucleus cannot be calcutated for sure, and they also rotate around their own axis. This rotation of the electrons generates a mysterious magnetic field. The question that many scientists are tryng to answer is this:  can we, the humans, a combination of atoms with a conscience, receive some kind of mystical unknown energy and influence these electrons by our actions?

In fact, science does not understand how electrons work – they can only analyze some of the effects. This lack of wisdom in the scentific world is a law.  In 1927, Werner Heinserberg – one of the founders of Quantum Mechanics,  has promulgated this law which is called  ’The Principle of Uncertainty’;  and stipulates that the position and speed of an electron or another particle cannot be known for sure. So from the lack of knowledge and wisdom, science has made a law, for which Haisenberg receved the Nobel Prize in 1932.

Even if scientists like Haisenberg or Max Plank maintained that in the world of atoms there is an unpredictabilty, another genius, Albert Einstein,  wisely has said ‘God does not play dice’; and all his life had struggled to put on paper an equation that explains everything, that explains our connection with the Universe ~ with God;  the scientists are still searching this equation today.

The great genius, Albert Einstein, is the Father of Quantum Physics ~  the physics of the universe and of particles; and he had discovered the photon – a particle which compose the light and the photoelectric effect; and he had received for this the Nobel Prize in 1921.  Because of Albert Einstein’s discovery, today we can harvest solar energy.

Each day the light of the sun and the mystical forces that are coming from the universe are ‘touching’ the atoms that compose us and all the earth and power these atoms; and with the movements of the electrons inside the atoms we have this reality even if, scientifically speaking, we are only 5% matter and live in an immaterial world. In this world only one human has millions of billions of bytes of information ~ more than all the data from all the books that exist on the surface on the earth.

According to Ancient Wisdom we have an inner universe, and this universe is kept together by the rotation of the 12 principal chakras, and powered by the energy that is coming from the universe and is all around us.

On March 15, 1985 a scientific experiment shocked the scientific community all around the world. Professor Boguslaw Lipinski, using a device called electroscope, measured the level of radiation inside a church while people were praying.  His device recorded that in a church the level of energy rises more and more to a level in which it seems that all around was a strong nuclear radiation which is pure energy and every one should be dead. Instead people were feeling happy and at peace. After this incredible result, these kinds of measurements were recorded in many holy sites regardless of the religion or the geographical position, by different scientists and the result was the same each time. The only logical conclusion is that the scientists picked up an unknown type of energy that is present when people are praying that is not nuclear but is even more powerful.

Even thought the scientists are trying to put on paper an equation that will explain everything, it is clear that if we really follow our inner wisdom, we do not need any equation to be in balance with the universe.

All the ways religious activities that guide people to follow the path of good, peace and evolution are the equations that we all know and feel that are correct.  The next spiritual exercise is an ancient way to harvest spiritual energy but is not the only way. The power to change your life for the good and reach a higher level of consciousness is in each and every one of us.

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