Acceleration of the Universe ~




Author | Victor S. Popaliciu


Ancient Wisdom tells us about Yin-Yang and a perfect balance.  It is amazing that science is telling us the same truth.  Professor Hawking speaks about the beginning of the universe -the big bang; and that there were two types of energy ~ the energy that becomes matter and the dark energy which is in the exact same amount as the energy-matter quantum. That means there is a perfect balance in the universe; but where is this Dark Energy?

A few years back scientists proved that the dark energy is all we see as the empty space between the stars, the planets, and the galaxies . This dark energy is in all the universe; and when we look at the night sky the lights are stars formed from the big bang energy, and the dark space between them is dark energy. This dark energy flows exactly as the good energy from all over the universe and generates a flux of evil destinies when it is captured by the chakras of the people who concentrate on bad thoughts and actions. This generates an evil vicious circle and the destiny is taking a bad path.




What is destiny? We can find the answer in a dictionary, but this essential question was asked by all people at one point in their lives. Generally speaking,  there are 2 major opinions about destiny.  The scientists and the people who live by scientific principles say we make our own destiny by our actions! All Religions and the people who live by the religious teachings say ~  “My destiny is in God’s hands”.  From these two major antagonistic opinions there is a conflict in the world that transcends centuries.  Hidden secret ancient wisdom reveals the truth; the truth  is that these two opinions are both correct and they are not even antagonistic.  They complete each other in a true answer of the question ~  What is Destiny?  Evidence of this truth is known and felt by all of us and following this article we will learn how to build our destiny.


A piece of evidence of how destiny works can be found in the predictions of all the people who, in one  form or another,  have predicted the future in their times.   Nostradamus,  Edgar Cayce, Baba Vanga, and many more, have accurately predicted the future;  but also spoke many wrong predictions which did not come true.  But what caused some predictions to not be fulfilled? This means that the future can be changed ~ that there are several future possibilities and several possible destinies.  In a personal way each of us can decide what to do in the next minute and this means we control our destinies.  If this is so easy,  why are there so many people unhappy and with tragic destinies?  One can say that was their destiny,  but if we establish that there are several future posibilities that means EACH OF US have several future possibilities.


The concept of Yin-Yang is represented by the picture with the symbol of Tai Chi, a circle half black/half white. This symbol contains many secrets and codes. Yin-Yang is telling us about the existence of a positive and a negative energy and gives us a message about the origins and the beginnings of our Universe as it was known by the Ancient Taoists in secret places, hidden in the mountains of Asia thousands of years ago. The Taoists say that at the beginning, there was a state of nothing called ‘Mu Chi’, and then from this nothing Tai Chi appeared and then our universe. This is exactly what modern science says today about the big-bang and the positive and negative energy.



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