We Are Stardust ~ We Are Energy



Author | Victor S. Popaliciu

We, as a species, are a mix between Sapiens (wise) and Neanderthalis (with animal instincts) and this duality of our nature is present in every atom of our bodies. To find our balance we have to understand what we are,  from what we are made, and from whence we came.  Many scientists and spiritualists throughout history have tried to explain this.  Many were successful and found the answer which is in each and every one of us.

Science says that every living thing (people, insects, planets, stars, galaxies, all the universe) are made from the same atoms and other tiny particles not yet fully understood. If we imagine a big explosion caught on tape, during review we will find the starting point of this explosion. The same situation is also with the universe: if we review it in our minds, we can see that 13.7 billion years ago everything was a little drop of energy, smaller than the atom. Inside of this amazing drop of energy was the big-bang! The primordial explosion happened, and all the energy was released in a wonderful mystical rain of energy.  From this rain of atoms, appeared the brick of life!

One man has explained everything with a simple but profound formula. The man is Albert Einstein and the formula is E = mc2.  In 1905 at the age of 25, Einstein realized that matter ‘m’ and energy ‘E’ are related and, in fact, matter can become energy ~ and energy can become matter.  This genius even calculated the amount of energy present in a certain mass!  “c” which comes from the latin  “celeste” is the speed of light.  Einstein has used this formula to calculate with precision the energy released when mass (matter) is converted into energy. Even Einstein did not really believe that it’s possible for humans to release this energy!  A few years later,  from 200 grams of uranium an atomic explosion was created – the Nuclear Fission Energy.  All stars we can see on the night sky, and the sun, demonstrate every day that E(energy) = m(mass) x c2 (speed of light) and it is one of the fundamental formulas of the universe!

Using Nuclear Fusion, our Sun transforms 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium each second and during this fusion the transformed Energy is Released – pure energy which comes to Earth as light and heat – Sun Energy. The transformation in helium of 1 gram of Hydrogen releases an immense quantity of energy: 1012 Jouls! Could you imagine? This is the way the Universe works!


If we look back in time at the beginning of the Universe, around 14 billion years ago, EVERYTHING was pure Energy in the primordial drop. The great Albert Einstein’s formula explains how, from energy, the atoms were created. The first atoms which appeared from energy were the hydrogen atoms. After that, appeared star dust, gravity, the planets, the solar systems, galaxies, our planet and…… us!

Around 5 billion years ago, from this primordial moment, emerged our planet and life. We are Star Dust | We are Energy ~ a scientific fact confirmed also by many ancient spiritual beliefs! During the primordial explosion, matter and anti-matter “fought”, and matter won! This fact is presented stylized as the “beginning” in many myths, legends, and spiritual beliefs.

Albert Einstein struggled his entire life to put on paper a formula to explain everything. All scientists today are searching to explain the universe but if they look more closely, and also using the wisdom of spirituality, they will see that Einstein was right! The Formula E = mc2 explains Everything.

Hydrogen atoms forming the water from our bodies were created billions of years ago during the Big Bang and many more during other huge explosions and cosmic collisions between planets and galaxies. Using science and Einstein’s formula, we can calculate the amount of energy which is in everything. For example, for a human body, a human being’s energy, the energy which was necessary to create a human, can be easily calculated by using the great Einstein’s formula – m which is mass and we can put the weight multiplied by c, the speed of light squared, will give E  – the amount of energy which composes the human being.

We are not just a combination of atoms, but we have also a consciousness and a will.  We are composed of star dust, we were pure energy at our origins, and now we are a combination of atoms with power of awareness.  Can other forms of energy have a conscience?  Does the Universe have Consciousness? Does the Universe have a Will?


Click HERE  For More Beautiful Representations of  “We Are Stardust | We Are Energy”


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