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THE TRUTH ~ PRIMORDIAL Quantum Energy Flux




Author of Blog | Victor S. Popaliciu

In All the Universe, all things that are in this reality  ~ the billions of galaxies, planets, stars, beings – all were created from energy starting 13.7 billion years ago when the Primordial Impulse was given and the Big Bang emerged.  This is a scientific fact proven beyond any doubt recently by scientists. The Universe is beautiful in nature, we can see the Sun Light, Flowers, Fruit trees, Amazing galaxies, Beautiful cosmic clouds in awesome colors, wonders and magnificent sights all around us.

In the Universe there is life and we can see this life form now here on Earth.  Many people ask themselves -why are there these bad energies all around the planet?  ~ Wars, crimes, kids who are ill, kids who die in accidents, innocent people who suffer from hunger, slavery or injustice?  Many ask themselves -why are there not only rich, healthy, happy people on earth? Many of these people think that the answer is that there is no Good Force, there was no Big Bang, there is no God.  All religions generate wars and basically they blame God for all this ~ even they say that God does not exist.

Many people think that everything is just a coincidence, life is just a coincidence, there is no after life in eternal happiness or hell and the only thing that matters is this life so they live for vices in True Unhappiness. To find the truth all people can start by asking themselves –how fast it appears to them that the last 20-30-40 years passed?  If the answer is in a blink of an eye then all will realize that this life is just relative, as the time from the great Einstein’s formula.  All religions speak about the good energies and blessings which come from the heavens, and scientists have proven that all people on the entire planet are all under a rain of particles and light each moment of our lives.

Because on earth there is all this bad energy something must be blocking this rain of primordial energy flux to prevent it from reaching some people or places.  It is obvious that bad habits,vices like smoking, drugs, and actions and thoughts generate unhappiness and illness, and this is the direct result of peoples’ erroneous choices.  But for example a kid is innocent and still there are kids living unhappy lives even they do not chose this unhappiness,  so how can this be possible? Why is the good primordial energy flux not reaching them?

The answers can be found not only in religion ~ in spirituality, but also in the minds of all the people from this world and these answers are a scientific fact because of the incredible work of a genius -the psychoanalyst -Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961).   Carl Gustav Jung, studying dreams, has uncovered an ancient well known truth ~ all the minds of all people are connected with the Universe and all people receive guidance when they dream.  Jung has discovered that if a person from USA, England, Australia, the North Pole, the African Savana ~ regardless of their nationality or social status ~ a president, professor, scientist, a little pygmy from Africa, or a shepherd from the Himalaya, all these people, if they dream about a certain thing, the symbol in their lives has the same meaning and impact.  For example if they dream about a key this means an answer to a problem, new opportunities, wisdom and knowledge.  Carl Gustav Jung has named these universal symbols from the dreams archetypes generated by the collective subconscious of mankind.

In the hidden part of the minds of all people, Carl Gustav Jung has discovered common images for all the people on the planet.  Many people ask for guidance and are upset that God does not answer them; but, in fact, the discovery of Carl Gustav Jung is the proof that in our dreams there are materializations of the good energy flux of the Universe and the guidance we all needed. We all, every person on the planet,  have the proof of the rain of particles and the materializations from our dreams, but why there is this bad energy and confusion, hypocracy, and lies around?  We know from our grandparents, parents and ancestors that lies, hypocracy, violence, envy,  hate ~  are all paths to hell and an unhappy life on Earth. Generally people who want to be happy avoid these bad paths but still they do not reach a level of happiness and they all wonder why.   A kid who is very little does not even have these bad thoughts.  The answer can be found if we travel back in time to our birth place, according to the DNA discoveries in the beautiful sites of Africa.

From Ancient times  people have believed that the Holy City of Ife from the Oyo province in southwestern Nigeria  is the birth place of mankind ~ the place where Adam and Eve started their journey. Here in Ife the ancient mystical Yoruba population used to go and visit an oracle,  a holy man, who read their auras, and if there were bad energies he purified them so they could heal, not only the life of this person, but also the people around him, his kids, wife, friends, parents and neighbors.

The ancient Yoruba population had access to a superior knowledge and they knew that a person’s thoughts, actions and words can generate a positive or a negative vibration which can heal or harm the person and his surroundings.  If an ill person is taken from his surroundings and  is put in a beautiful temple where people pray and are happy this person can heal immediately, and this is known as the placebo effect in the scientific world. The ancient Yoruba population were, and are, the holders of a great wisdom and they have holy rules given to them by God which state:

  • Do not say what you do not know.
  • Never lie to the people and put them on a wrong path.
  • Learn first and do not pretend to be wise.
  • Do not be arrogant.
  • Do not be a Hypocrite.
  • Do not take the staff from a blind man.
  • Respect the people.
  • Never betray your friends.
  • Respect the moral laws.
  • Keep the temples and your houses clean.

If we look at these holy rules, we can see that even from the ancient times and far away in Africa the people had the knowledge of how to keep the primordial energy flux reaching them and their kids, family, friends, country and planet. In our times many people blame  religion as the source of all troubles and they point to the Jews, Christians and Muslims who have been fighting a religious war for over 1000 years.   Everybody says that he has the monopoly on God and the rest are infidels or pagans.

But what is the nature of all these wars? What is the source of this bad energy which affects kids and all people, nature and animals? All religions speak about truth and justice and still we live in this bad energy ~ Why? What is the truth? The truth can be found by anyone who can read in the Bible,  Torah, Qu’ran or on the internet.  In the Qu’ran for example it is written that the Torah is a Light from God, the Gospel is a Light from God-Allah.  So the truth is, that all Christians, all Jews and all Muslims, we all pray to the same Unique Wonderful Force we do not understand and we say God, Allah, Yahweh,The Universe, the Force and so on.

The bad energies/vibrations according to the Yoruba civilization holy books are generated by hypocrites, liars, the ones who pray to idols, and these negative vibrations are making some kids sick and many people unhappy and it is destroying our planet.  In the past Moses was a friend of all good people but after He rose to the heavens some Jews become arrogant and unfair,  so they lost their country for 1000 years.  Then Jesus was a friend of all good people but after He rose to the Heavens, the Christians became arrogant and unfair so they had the plague for 1000 years.  Then Muhammad was a friend of all good people, but after He rose to the heavens the Muslims become arrogant and unfair so they have been in war and destruction for 1000 years.

The TRUTH is that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are the same religion of justice, harmony and peace; but billions of people from all around the world look with hate at his brother in faith and all these people become negative energy beacons which generate all these wars, illness, kids with unhappy lives, plagues, catastrophes and so on. We all must accept the truth, even if it is hard and we can start by stopping the hate, envy and bad actions and by making our surroundings beautiful  ~ plant a fruit tree, clean and paint our homes, keep a vegetarian diet, pray, play with the kids and pets, have a good honest relation with the family.  Be grateful and you will generate a positive energy vibration which you will see in your dreams as guidance.  You will become a beacon of wonderful primordial energy flux and you will heal yourself, your kids, your family and all the planet.

See the Truth.

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