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The Word of God, Quantum Destiny Guidance ~ The Principle of Certitude.




Author of Blog | Victor S. Popaliciu

Imagine this life like a circuit; you have to walk from Point A to Point B ~ which is Heaven, but this circuit has intersections.   If you go in this intersection on the wrong path you end up in point C which is Hell.  So you decide. You know what is right. 

For example, all people know that drugs are a poison made from battery acid.  So in one intersection they found drugs and they take that path straight to Hell.  You know that bad thoughts and injustice are not good; do you like someone to be unjust with you?  Of course not, so you also must not be unjust to others.  Do you like for someone to lie to you, to take advantage of you to trick you?  Of course not ~  so you also must not do these things to others because these are intersections with the path to Hell.

People choose the path to Hell and Hell starts immediately from this life.  Many think that they will escape with suicide but when they die and wake up in Hell, this Hell looks exactly like their bad life ~ from when they where alive ~ plus some tortures are added.

So anyone who stays on the path of Heaven, Heaven will start immediately from this life, and they will be happy, healthy, strong, and prosperous.  They will have love and good people around.

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