Spiritual Exercise ~ First Circle Of Light




Author | Victor S. Popaliciu

This exercise is the continuation of the Zai Spiritual Exercise. It is best to first practice for 7 or 12 days the Zai. For the maximum result a vegetarian diet is obligatory.  All three Mudras must be performed as a connected exercise keeping the thumbs together all the time.

STEP ONE:  Harvesting The Energy.  Perform the Zai Mudra keeping the light of the sun, moon, or stars in the triangle.



STEP TWO:  Acceptance Of Energy.  Perform the Buddha Mudra orientating the top of the triangle down and keeping the thumbs together and the light in the triangle while all the time performing the Buddha Mudra.  Now on top the thumbs form a small rhombus and you will keep the light passing through this new geometrical figure and look at it.



STEP THREE:  Illumination.  Performing Uttarabodhi Mudra. Keeping the thumbs together perform the Uttarabodhi Mudra by crossing fingers and orientate the exended thumbs down and the first fingers united up.  Now you keep the light in the space formed between the thumbs.



During this exercise you will look at the light of the sun, moon and stars all the time.

This spiritual exercise is a very powerful way to harvest the Primordial Energy of the Universe known as Prana or Chi. In scientific terms we all are under a rain of primordial particles called Neutrinos. With this exercise we open our energy channels and let it circulate through the chakras. This exercise will force out all bad energy accumulated in the 12 meridians of the energy over the years and generate a circle of light.  Many will actually feel the good energy of the light that is coming from the universe. For the people that have a large quantitity of bad energy it is possible to experience different sensations similar to a cold.  This is the bad energy leaving the organism.   Continue practicing this exercise and following a vegetarian diet, and after a short period you will feel healthy, happy and energetic and at peace with many new constructive ideas.


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