Spiritual Exercise~Zai Mudra for Purification, Life Giving Energy from the Sun. Zai~Light Spiritual Exercise, Harvesting Good Energies


Praying Woman


Author | Victor S. Popaliciu

The secret of any spiritual exercise, prayer, or moment of peace and happiness, can be put in the words of the Great Mahatma Gandhi ~ “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”.

This spiritual exercise has 3 powerful paths joined together as one:

  1. Action ~ Zai Mudra ~ RE: Ley Lines HERE
  2. Thought ~ Sun Light ~ RE: Galactic Alignment HERE
  3. Sound ~ Om-Aum Mantra ~ RE: Destiny vs. Anti-Destiny HERE

victoraumenergy2Zai Mudra is connecting our 12 principal meridians of energy with the meridians of the Universe.  Any light and sun light, is composed of tiny particles called photons, which were discovered by Albert Einstein, and these particles are entering our eyes every time we see the Sun, the Moon, a Constellation, or a Star in the night sky.  All photons from the light can be billions of years old and carry a mystical energy we can harvest.

The sound Om/Aum is considered in many ancient writings to be the most sacred and holy word that exists ~  the primordial sound from which the Entire Universe was created. The sound Om/Aum chanted is a powerful prayer mantra in itself, and this sound harvests the beautiful good energies from the Universe.

Performing the Zai/Sun/Om Spiritual Exercise

zaimudra4At sunrise perform the Zai Mudra, and with the first light keep the sun in the triangle that your hands created and look at the light for 12 minutes from the moment when the first light of the sun has appeared over the horizon. Then close your eyes and picture the light, see the light of the sun rise.

All the time from the first light chant Om/Aum.   The same exercise can be performed at the sunset in the last 12 minutes before the sun disappears under the horizon line.

For better results keep a vegetarian diet and practice every day for 12 days.

With Mantra Om in combination with Zai and the sun light, and the thought of the sun light, we have action, speech and thought in harmony. This creates a powerful good energy harvest, and the life of a person who practices this will change for the good suddenly.




This spiritual exercise will put his destiny on a good track and on the way of peace, happiness and evolution.

Any prayer can be chanted instead of Om Mantra and any prayer or spiritual exercise that your ancestors, grandparents, parents, your own wisdom taught you, have the same amazing effect because all have the same harmony. The wisdom is within all of us ~ we all know what is right, what is good, and what brings happiness and harmony.  We just have to start to search for the wisdom and explore the universe within.


  1. For 30 years I’ve lived my life knowing that there is more out there than what the government wont us to no, I wonce lived there and was forced leave by chanting we’re I’ve woken up as a child , and first expression was I said is that it!!! I’ve suffered a depression of wonting to get back there, I’ve suffered long enough and have pushed it to the limit and allready achieved in ten years what would take a life time for others.. owner of everything

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